Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Sweating is a natural process in the human body. The evaporation of sweat is an important mechanism for temperature control and essential for survival. However, sweat can be very uncomfortable. The axilla is an intertriginous area, where two skin areas rub together. Therefore it is a good breeding ground for bacteria. The mainly gram-positive bacteria transform originally odourless sweat into volatile components like short-chain fatty acids generating unpleasant odour.

Sweat is not only caused by heat and physical activity; stress like stage fright can also provoke a strong perspiration. People want to control body odour and prevent embarrassing sweat marks in every situation in life without fail. The assurance of protection greatly influences our self-confidence and our feeling of social acceptance.


schülke active: sensiva® SC 50

sensiva® SC 50

schülke active: sensidin® DO

sensidin® DO

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Preservation and antimicrobal stabilisation of your cosmetic products.


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