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Antiperspirant Deodorant (APD)

Antiperspirant/deodorants (APD) are designed to reduce underarm wetness and to control body odour. Globally APDs include both deodorant actives and antiperspirant actives, usually aluminium salts. In North America, APDs most commonly accomplish control of both wetness and odour by incorporating a higher level of aluminium salt than standard antiperspirants. However, here also, it is becoming more common for them to contain a deodorant active to attain longer-lasting odour protection.

Deodorants reduce body odour by killing odour-causing bacteria and/or by covering the smell without reduction of sweat. Antiperspirants affect the amount of perspiration by inhibiting the activity of sweat glands. In addition to avoiding unpleasant wetness, APDs also decrease odour because there is less sweat for the bacteria to act upon.